Managing the performance and reliability of a world-class website takes more than just automated software solutions. It takes a highly skilled staff of trained professionals to watch over the constant stream of performance data, analyze negative trends, respond to failure events, and manage test scripts. ELayer recognizes this and provides business with Pro Management services to fill these needs. Pro Management

Having an effective website performance management strategy in place can mean the difference between long-term success and failure. According to a study conducted by Aberdeen Group Inc., a page delay of just one second can reduce sales by 7%, service usage by 11% and customer satisfaction by 16%. Worse yet, a study conducted by Jupiter Research found that when a full website outage occurs 48% of the users affected end up establishing a relationship with a competitor. Putting an effective website performance management strategy in place not only protects businesses from these losses, but often can even help increase a business's online sales to new levels.

ELayer Pro Management Components

  • Real-time Performance Management

    ELayer's experts watch over client's performance data in real-time and look for trends that can negatively affect their business.

  • Failure Recovery

    ELayer's experts respond to website & server failures and perform recovery procedures like service restarts and server reboots.

  • Global Performance Diagnostics

    ELayer diagnoses performance problems across the business's global internet infrastructure and helps clients pin point failures.

  • Test Script

    ELayer watches over the client's website and updates test scripts as needed to make sure the client is always fully protected.

With ELayer's Pro Management service, clients gain a team of knowledgeable network professionals that become an active extension of their own team. These network professionals effectively become the client's ears to the ground, constantly analyzing performance trends in real-time and looking for problems. This allows clients to focus on their core business while leaving the tedious tasks of ongoing data analysis to ELayer's professionals. In addition to this real-time performance analysis, Pro Management service gives businesses direct access to ELayer's team of knowledgeable system engineers to assist them in their time of need. ELayer's team assists clients in troubleshooting and diagnosing problems across their global network and helps them find resolution to even the most challenging issues quickly and effectively. Speak to a sales representatives today about ELayer's Pro Management service and start taking your business's online performance to the next level.