ELayer operates a global network of test stations geographically located in key cities around the world to provide customers with the most in-depth analysis of their online performance and reliability. The map blow marks the locations of ELayer's core and on-demand test station located around the world.
Elayer Network

ELayer's advanced system architecture is built on industry leading technology to provide customer with the best in reliability and scalability. Millions of dollars have been invested in the research and development of this enterprise-class solution. ELayer's network is designed around self-healing technology that automatically recognizes failures in the network and shifts work to healthy systems. This technology allows ELayer to deliver the most reliable service in the industry.

ELayer's Global Network Peering Partners Include:

Level(3) Qwest2 VERIO at&t XO-Communications
Global Crossing SAVVIS Cogent Communications verizon

ELayer's core datacenter is located in a Tier 1 SAS 70 Type II certified facility located near Philadelphia, PA. The facility features multi-honed internet backbone connectivity across multiple carriers, redundant GigE IP networks, redundant electrical power sources with UPS and diesel generator backup, raised floors, and full environmental control systems to provide clients with the most reliable service in the industry. Security includes data encryption, industry leading hardened firewalls, keycard protocols, biometric scanning protocols and round-the-clock staffing with interior and exterior surveillance monitoring.