ELayer provides companies in the Business Services Industry with leading edge website quality, reliability, and performance monitoring solutions that help them improve service delivery, customer satisfaction, and sales. Business Services Industry

Whether your business provides supply chain
services, office services, marketing services,
financial services,professional services, or any
other business service, service providers all
have one thing in common: customer
satisfaction is paramount. In a recent survey
conducted by Harris Interactive, an alarming rate
of customers (80% of those surveyed) reported
experiencing problems conducting business
online. With customer satisfaction at stake,
businesses must take their online performance seriously to attract and retain customers. This is where ELayer comes in. ELayer helps companies monitor their customer-facing online interfaces and identify problems before they affect their business.

Key Areas of Concern

ELayer helps Business Service Providers monitor the quality, reliability, and performance of their website's key areas of service delivery such as:

Customer Signup Forms Database Queries
Customer Login Pages Business Transactions
Account Management Areas AJAX, Flash, Silverlight Features
Business Service Reports Website Search Features
Functional Add/Edit Forms Customer Support Forms
Payment Processing Features Network Devices and Servers

Business service providers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that online performance and reliability has on their customer's sentiment. According to a study conducted by the Aberdeen Group, a performance improvement of just 1 second can increase customer satisfaction by 16%, service usage by 11 page views and sales by 7%. With results like these, it's clear that online service performance and reliability shouldn't just be an obscure IT objective, but rather a core business strategy.

ELayer Solutions

ELayer provides Business Service providers with the products and services they need to thoroughly monitor each of their web service components on an ongoing basis. These products and services allow businesses to accomplish the following objectives:

Monitor web service functionality and reliability Reduce the number and severity of downtime events
Identify bottlenecks in multi-step website processes Spot website stress points
Track web service performance Track performance across multiple geographic locations
Identify web failures and alert the appropriate personnel Spot server and network capacity shortfalls

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