ELayer works with government organizations from around the globe to help them deliver a better online experience to their citizens, employees, and vendors through increased website quality, reliability and performance. Governemnt

Government organizations from the federal level through to the state and local levels are increasingly relying on web-based applications to communicate and serve their citizen. Citizens can now perform tasks online such as renewing a driver's license, updating personal information, apply for licenses, filing standardized forms and so much more. With citizen's increasingly relying on these services, governments must ensure their web site applications are always operational and performing optimally. This is where ELayer comes in. ELayer provides government organizations with the tools and expertise to monitor these online services.

Key Areas of Concern

ELayer helps governments monitor the key areas of their websites such as:

Online Applications & Forms Online Documents & Information
Citizen and Employee Login Areas Employee Workflow Applications
Online Database Queries Website Search Features
Event & Announcement Systems Contact Forms and Messaging Systems
Ordering & Payment Processes Network Devices and Servers

Ensuring the proper operation of website components like these helps governments maintain a positive and productive relationship with their citizens, employees and vendors. These applications not only help increase government efficiency but also reduce costs. With so much at stake, governments turn to ELayer every day to help them monitor and manage these resources.

ELayer Solutions

ELayer provides government organizations with the products and services they need to thoroughly monitor each of their critical website components on an ongoing basis. These products and services allow governments to accomplish the following objectives:

Monitor website functionality and reliability Reduce the number and severity of downtime events
Identify bottlenecks in multi-step website processes Spot website stress points
Identify website failures and alert the appropriate personnel Track performance across multiple geographic locations
Track website performance Spot server and network capacity shortfalls

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