ELayer helps businesses in the Ecommerce Industry increase online sales, customer satisfaction, and customer retention by giving merchants the tools to proactively increase website quality, reliability, and performance. Ecommerce Solutions

In a survey conducted by Internet Retailer, 67% of merchants reported shopping cart failures, account log-in area problems and slow page performance as the leading causes of customer website dissatisfaction. Often times thousands of customers are affected by issues like these before the merchant ever becomes aware of it. This is where ELayer comes in. ELayer gives merchants the power to identify website failures and performance issues early and remedy them before they affect their business.

Key Areas of Concern

ELayer helps online merchants monitor the quality, reliability, and performance of their website's
key areas such as:

Product Pages Product Search Functions
Add-to-Cart Processes Customer Account Creation Forms
Shopping Cart Pages Account Login Areas
Checkout Processes Order History and RMA Functions
Shipping and Billing Information Forms Marketing Landing Pages
Credit Card Processing Functions Network Devices and Servers

Creating a positive online experience for customers is the key to creating customer loyalty. A positive experience not only increases a merchant's sales online, but for those with associated brick-and-mortar stores, it can also increase their sales off-line. According to Jupiter Research, "consumers currently spend approximately $5 off-line for every $1 they spend online as a direct result of online research." Clearly merchants have a lot to gain from improving the quality, reliability, and performance of their online stores.

ELayer Solutions

ELayer provides merchants with the products and services they need to thoroughly monitor each of their critical website components on an ongoing basis. These products and services allow merchants to accomplish the following objectives:

Monitor website functionality and reliability Reduce the number and severity of downtime events
Identify bottlenecks in multi-step website processes Spot website stress points
Track website performance Track performance across multiple geographic locations
Identify website failures and alert the appropriate personnel Spot server and network capacity shortfalls

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