Web Transaction Monitoring

Businesses rely on their websites more than ever to provide customers, vendors, and employees with access to their business services. These website applications include order forms, checkout processes, login forms, customer account areas, and access to many other sophisticated web applications. Often times using these web applications is not as simple as loading a single webpage – they involve advanced multiple-step web interactions. Businesses with these types of applications all have one thing in common: they are accutely aware that poor web application performance and website failures cause customer dissatisfaction, lost sales, and lost productivity. This is where ELayer's Web Transaction Monitoring comes in.

Monitor Multiple Step Processes

Multiple Step Web Process

ELayer's Web Transaction Monitoring allows organizations to monitor their multiple-step website processes on an ongoing basis and identify performance problems and failures that impact their customer's and ultimately their business's success. Identifying and mitigating these problems helps businesses improve sales, customer satisfaction, and productivity. ELayer's advanced performance analysis tools give businesses an unprecedented view of their web application performance across every step of their application process and across multiple geographic regions. In addition, ELayer's alerting system gives businesses early warnings when their website's multi-step processes perform poorly or fail altogether. This allows business to respond quickly and restore their websites to optimal operation; reducing the impact of these events on their business.

ELayer's Web Transaction Monitoring allows organizations to:
Protect revenue-generating web pages and transactions against interruptions Understand the impact that geography, different devices and web browsers have on end-user performance.
Pinpoint the sources of transient problems within a multi-step website process the instant the problem arises Track and optimize rich internet applications that use technologies such as AJAX, Flash, Javascript and Flex
Ensure optimal application performance across multiple browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome Ensure the business continually delivers an optimal user experience to all its customers
TrueBrowser™ Transaction Engine

TrueBrowser™ Transaction EngineTrueBrowsersmTransaction Engine

ELayer's TrueBrowsersm Transaction Engine is at the heart of ELayer's Web Transaction Monitoring platform. This sophisticated technology allows businesses to run advanced multiple-step test scripts against their websites using real web browsers. Businesses can use these test scripts to monitor web applications, shopping carts, checkout processes, login areas, customer account areas, and much more. With ELayer's TrueBrowsersm Transaction Engine there is no limit to the web process that can be tested. The transaction engine can interact with even the most sophisticated website technologies including AJAX, Flash, JavaScript, Flex and more. This is made possible through ELayer's TrueBrowsersm technology which launches real web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) on real operating systems and interacts with them like an actual user.

TrueBrowser™ Recorder

TrueBrowser™  RecorderTrueBrowsersmRecorder

ELayer's TrueBrowsersm Recorder makes creating advanced multiple-step test scripts easy. The recorder plugs right into a standard web browser and provides users with two modes of operation. In Easy mode, users can simply click the record button and start browsing the website. Every interaction the user has with the website is automatically recorded into the test script. In Advanced mode, users are provided with over eighty advanced commands to customize their test scripts. These commands allow users to control items such as mouse clicks, keyboard clicks, performance measurements, content verifications, and step timing. Once recording is complete, users can even verify their test scripts by replaying them within their own web browser. Features like these make ELayer's TrueBrowsersm Recorder the ultimate tool for creating true-to-life test scripts for Web Transaction Monitoring.

Transaction Performance Reporting

Transaction Performance ReportingTransaction Performance Reporting

ELayer provides businesses with advanced reporting to help them identify performance trends across every step of their multi-step web processes. These reports include information such as Custom Step Measurements, Visualized Step Sequences, Process Bottlenecks, Performance Trends, Error Recurrence and Transaction Reliability. This information provides businesses with the essential information they need to effectively manage and improve website performance for their customers. Businesses can also drill into individual test results and review test data for tests performed at any of our global test locations. When website failures occur, ELayer provides detailed Failure Event Reports which aggregate all the pertinent information about the failure into one easy-to-read report. For network operation centers, ELayer even provides a real-time NOC status screen for overhead displays.

Failure Alerting

AlertingFailure Alerting

When a company's website fails, ELayer's Web Transaction Monitoring service detects the failure within seconds and notifies the appropriate contacts. ELayer's False Positive Protectionsm technology plays an integral part in this process. This technology confirms the website failure from multiple geographic locations to make sure the failure is authentic. Once the failure has been confirmed, ELayer's Alert Escalation systems start the process of alerting the company's staff. Companies can fully customizable alerting around their business rules by configuring the hierarchy of business contacts, alerting methods, and alert times. These alerts can be delivered via email, mobile text messages and even automated voice-based phone calls. With ELayer's alerting technology businesses can be sure that the right people are notified at the right time, no matter where they are.

Proactive Advantage™

ProactiveProactive Advantagesm

Analyzing the ongoing performance data generated by web transaction monitoring is a daily task that's important to running a successful website, however few businesses have the time or resources to dedicate to this task. This is where ELayer's Proactive Advantagesm comes in. With this add-on, businesses not only get an automated monitoring service; but they also get a team of experts who watch over there website's performance data each business day and look for patterns that can negatively impact their business. When a negative pattern is identified, ELayer's team analyzes the issue and brings it to the client's attention. This approach to performance management allows businesses to stay on top of their website performance trends while leaving the daily data analysis to ELayer's experts.