Most businesses rely heavily on their public network infrastructure and must ensure it's always online and performing correctly. A single failure can bring down a large portion of a company's public network and cause serious productivity loses, or worse yet, lost customers.

ELayer's advanced network monitoring service is designed to track the availability and performance of a company's public network from multiple geographic locations around the world. This includes pinging common network devices as well as testing ports such as DNS, SMTP, POP3, FTP and more. These tests are performed at specific time intervals to gather detailed performance statistics and verify that the network services are running trouble-free. In the event that the business's network experiences performance problems or a failure, ELayer notifies the designated contacts with key diagnostic information to help businesses reduce network interruptions and keep their networks running at peak performance.

PerformancePerformance Reporting

ELayer's Network Monitoring Service collects
performance data for network devices and
servers on an ongoing basis and makes
this data available through its reporting
interface. These reports include TCP
Response Times, Error Recurrences,
Test Step Breakdowns and Availability
Charts. Businesses can use these reports
to analyze trends in their network performance
and prevent failures by identifying problematic
devices. Clients can also drill into individual test
results and review test data for tests performed at any
of our global test locations. When network failures occur, ELayer
provides detailed Failure Event Reports which aggregate all the pertinent information about a failure into one easy-to-read report. For network operation centers, ELayer even provides a real-time NOC status screen for overhead displays.

Failure Alerting

AlertingFailure Alerting

When a company's network fails, ELayer's Network Monitoring service detects the failure within seconds and notifies the appropriate contacts. ELayer's False Positive Protectionsm technology plays an integral part in this process. This technology confirms the network failure from multiple geographic locations to make sure the failure is authentic. Once the failure has been confirmed, ELayer's Alert Escalation systems start the process of alerting the company's staff. Companies can fully customizable alerting around their business rules by configuring the hierarchy of business contacts, alerting methods, and alert times. These alerts can be delivered via email, mobile text messages and even automated voice-based phone calls. With ELayer's alerting technology businesses can be sure the right people are notified at the right time, no matter where they are.

Proactive Advantage™

ProactiveProactive Advantagesm

Analyzing the ongoing performance data generated by network monitoring is a daily task that's important to running a successful network, however few businesses have the time or resources to dedicate to this task. This is where ELayer's Proactive Advantagesm comes in. With this add-on, businesses not only get an automated monitoring service; but they also get a team of experts who watch over there network's performance data each business day and look for patterns that can negatively impact their business. When a negative pattern is identified, ELayer's team analyzes the issue and brings it to the client's attention. This approach to performance management allows businesses to stay on top of their network performance trends while leaving the daily data analysis to ELayer's experts.