Businesses can pull all the stops when creating new website content and features, however without real user feedback they can't ensure their goals will be meet. Most businesses don't have the time or resources to organize independent focus groups and get user feedback. ELayer Real User Testing provides businesses with an easy way to gather real user feedback about their websites and use that information to improve their designs and implementations. Real User Testing

Often times, simple things like poor website navigation and design cause users to abandon a website in favor of a competitor's website. ELayer's Real User Testing brings these problems to light using online focus groups. Each user in the online focus group independently reviews the website and speaks their feedback out loud as their web browser screen and voice are recorded as live video. This live feedback format gives businesses an unprecedented first-hand view into the user's experience and opinions.

Businesses can not only use ELayer's Real User Testing to get insight into their own website designs, but they can also use the service to get real user feedback about their competitor's website. This competitive intelligence can then be used to improve the effectiveness of their own website.

Benefits of Service:
Identify website problem areas
Learn what users like/dislike
Gain competitive insight
Increase user satisfaction, loyalty, and sales
Features Included:
Choose demographics of users providing feedback
Choose the actions users should take on website
View user feedback via they browser website

Start using ELayer's Real User Testing today and get the feedback that can to your business website to the next level.