Industry Benchmarking

In today's competitive online environment, website performance is a key to maintaining a business's competitive advantage. Research has shown that faster performing websites attract more users and keep them engaged longer. In order to compete effectively, businesses must ensure their websites perform better than their competitors' websites. Not only does website performance affect a business's user base, it also affects it corporate image. Businesses can't afford to have their brand tarnished by poor quality and performance in today's competitive environment.
Industry Benchmarking
Performance Matters... "51% percent [of users] stated site
performance/speed as having an influence on their buying behavior"   — Vividence

ELayer's Industry Benchmarking service tracks the website performance of a business's main competitors from multiple geographic locations around the world. Tests are performed for each competitor's website multiple times per hour and include meaturmensts such as connection times, response times, transfer rates, page load times, errors encountered, and uptime. This data is made available to businesses via graphical reports for easy analysis. This allows businesses to easily compare their website's standings to specific competitors in their industry or the industry as a whole. Businesses can use this data to identify areas in their own business that need improvement.

Benefits of Service:
Track website performance across the industry
Gain competitive insight
Increase sales and customer satisfaction
Set and measure goals
Features Included:
Customize the list of competitors who are tracked
Select individual competitors for comparison
Online access to real time performance data and charts
Emailed reports summarizing performance (coming soon)

ELayer's Industry Benchmarking service gives businesses the competitive information they need to succeed. Start competing at a whole new level today!