With ELayer, clients get much more than just an automated monitoring service. They get an extensive package of professional services and support that's unmatched in the industry. With these services, ELayer assists clients in maintaining an effective website performance strategy and works one-on-one to advise and protect them.
The following lists of professional services are available to every ELayer client:

Expert Setup and Configuration

Businesses have more important things to do than spend time creating and configuring test scripts. With ELayer, businesses can make a single phone call to their dedicated Account Manager and have them setup and configure test scripts for them.

Diagnostic Support

When businesses experience problems with their websites and servers, ELayer is there to help. Each account includes an allotment of ELayer's Diagnostic Support services. As part of Diagnostic Support, ELayer's experts help businesses troubleshoot website performance problems and advise them on solutions to address those problems.

Proactive Advantage

Staying on top of a website's constant stream of performance data is a crucial but laborious task. With our Proactive Advantage add-on, ELayer's experts take the work out of it by physically reviewing each client's performance data each business day and looking for performance trends that can negatively affect their business. When issues are identified, ELayer works with the client one-on-one to advise them of the issue and assist them in finding a resolution.

Dedicated Account Management

Clients get a dedicated Account Manager assigned to their account that serves as their single point of contact for all their service and support needs. This gives clients the pleasure of being personally assisted by the same associate who is familiar with their business for the life of their account.