ELayer is a division of InfoGenius, Inc. headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania of the United States. InfoGenius has been providing businesses worldwide with the internet technology they need to successfully build, manage, and grow robust e-Businesses since 1999. ELayer continues this tradition by providing businesses with leading edge website monitoring solutions that help them deliver a first-class user experience online. About Elayer

ELayer has drawn on InfoGenius’ extensive history and experience in the Website Monitoring market with its popular AlertBot product-line to create a next generation website monitoring solution that redefines the industry. With advances such as ELayer's TrueBrowserTM Technology and its Real-time Transaction Engine, ELayer is able to deliver a level of testing accuracy and realism unsurpassed in the industry.

ELayer is proud to service many of the world's leading online business, including many of the top Fortune 500 companies. ELayer's clients have chosen ELayer for its uncompromising quality, one-on-one customer care, and leading edge solutions.

Our Mission

ELayer's mission is simple. ELayer looks to provide clients with world-class Internet performance management solutions backed by experts, who are there to advise, assist and protect.

Our Dedication to Service

With ELayer, clients get so much more than just software solutions – they get a whole new extension of their team. ELayer's knowledgeable experts not only advise and assist clients, but also proactively watch over client's websites day-in and day-out. ELayer effectively becomes the client's ears to the ground, constantly looking for negative performance patterns and identifying them before they affect the client's business.

From all of us here at ELayer, we encourage you to open up a dialog with us and learn how ELayer can help your business today. Contact our sales department today and let us help you take your website’s performance to the next level.