Testing Capabilities
Test network devices Test custom ports
Test servers Test load balanced networks
Test SMTP, POP3, IMAP, FTP, DNS ports Perform Pings
Error Detection
Detects hundreds of errors Detailed Failure Reporting
Automatically verifies failures from multiple geographic locations Identifies long-term negative performance trends
Identifies performance failures On-Demand testing kit
Performance Reporting
Network performance charts Historical test logs and test reports
Test step breakdown charts Customizable data filters
Error recurrence charts Local time zone reporting
Proactive Advantagesm daily performance analysis Real-time test status reports
Detailed failure event reports NOC screen overhead display
Failure Alerting
Alerts delivered via email, text messaging, or phone calls Detailed failure event reporting
Advanced false alert protection Supports multiple alert contacts
Escalate severe failures to higher level staff Supports multiple contact methods per person
Server maintenance window scheduling Automatic time zone adjustment
Service provider integration for quick recovery  
Global Testing Distribution
Montreal, Canada Vancouver, Canada
New York, United States London, United Kingdom
San Francisco, United States Sydney, Australia
Houston, United States Frankfurt, Germany
Tampa, United States China, Hong Kong
Chicago, United States

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